Santa Ana Migraine Treatment | Orange County Headache Diagnosis by Dr. TavoussiIf you suffer from a migraine and headache pains in Santa Ana, then you undoubtedly want to seek relief for your condition. However, part of the reason why many people never get relief for their migraine and headache pains is because they don’t realize that they are suffering them. Many Santa Ana people who suffer from migraines simply believe that they are suffering from really bad headaches. This is because migraines are difficult to diagnose due to the many symptoms that many people also tend to have along with their migraines. They might mistakenly believe that they are suffering from another type of virus or illness when they do indeed have a migraine, so instead of seeking medical treatment, they choose to simply ride out their pain until it’s over. Fortunately, it is possible to have a migraine properly diagnosed when you visit Dr. Tavoussi at one of his Orange County offices.

Santa Ana Migraine & Headaches Diagnosis & Treatment

Dr. Tavoussi utilizes a variety of methods to properly diagnose migraines at his Santa Ana office located in Orange County. By gathering your medical history, Dr. Tavoussi can look for any recurring conditions that you have that might indicate that you’re indeed suffering from a migraine and headache symptoms. Plus, when you visit Dr. Tavoussi’s Santa Ana office, Dr. Tavoussi has all the tools and resources at his disposal to test and diagnose you with a migraine headache.

In addition to obtaining your medical history when you visit his Santa Ana office in Orange County, Dr. Tavoussi will also perform a physical medical exam. When Dr. Tavoussi performs a physical medical exam at his Santa Ana office in Orange County, you can expect him to examine your head and neck as well as guide you through neurological exercises in order to determine whether or not you suffer from any neurological issues that could be causing your migraine and headache symptoms. You can expect Dr. Tavoussi to test your strength, reflexes, and sensation as well as your level of consciousness, coordination and gait, all of which can be altered if you suffer from migraine headaches.

You can also expect Dr. Tavoussi to ask you a series of questions pertaining to your headaches when you visit his Santa Ana office in Orange County. Some of the questions you can expect him to ask you include the level of your pain when you experience headaches, how long the headaches last, and whether or not you experience any vomiting along with your headaches.