Orange County Turbinate Reduction Surgery for MigrainesMigraines can be caused by a variety of different conditions. Sometimes these attacks are the result of neurological issues while other times they are caused by structural issues in the nose. Dr. Mohsen Tavoussi has found that some Orange County patients suffer from migraines because they have enlarged nasal turbinates that make contact with the side wall of the nose.

Enlarged turbinates are known to cause a variety of symptoms for Newport Beach patients, including sinus pressure, infections and congestion. In severe cases, migraines can result. Dr. Tavoussi can help Newport Beach patients who are suffering from migraines as a result of enlarged nasal turbinates by performing turbinate nasal surgery.


What is Turbinate Nasal Surgery?

Turbinate Nasal Surgery is a medical procedure that corrects enlarged nasal turbinates. The nasal turbinates work to humidify the nose. In many ways, these intricate structures work as the nose’s air conditioning unit. When nasal turbinates become enlarged, it can block the nasal passageways and result in many uncomfortable symptoms for the patient, including migraines. A CT scan of the nose and sinus, after careful review of patient history and a physical examination, can help determine if turbinate surgery is the right choice. Turbinate Nasal Surgery is a precise procedure that reduces the size of the turbinates and provides patients with the relief that they are seeking.


How Will This Surgery Benefit Me?

Nasal Turbinate Surgery provides patients with relief in many different ways. As this procedure opens your nasal airways up, you are able to breathe easier, and you will no longer feel congested. The turbinate reduction procedure will also improve your nasal drainage and help eliminate post nasal drip. You will find relief from sinus headaches and most of your migraines, and you will find that you no longer feel congested all of the time. The surgery also helps to reduce or eliminate snoring so your bed partner will be happy you had it performed, as well.


Why Should I Choose to Work with Dr. Tavoussi?

Dr. Tavoussi is a board certified facial plastic surgeon who is also an ENT specialist. This means he has an expert understanding of the ear, nose and throat structures. He understands that the Turbinate Nasal Surgery can be a viable solution for chronic migraine sufferers. He is committed to determining the cause of the migraines and providing patients with a solution that works.

The key to treating migraines and eliminating them completely is finding the cause of these excruciating attacks. A migraine is a debilitating condition that can last for anywhere from 4-72 hours and has a significant impact on a person’s quality of life. If you are suffering from migraines, you should take every effort you can to find a permanent solution that works for you. For more information on what is causing your migraines and to find out if turbinate nasal surgery is right for you, set up a consultation appointment with Dr. Tavoussi.