Orange County Nasal and Sinus SurgeryPatients who suffer from migraines know how debilitating these attacks can be. They force a person to retreat into solitude while they manage their symptoms and simply try to survive the experience.

Dr. Mohsen Tavoussi believes that Orange County patients who are suffering from migraines can benefit from surgical procedures that are designed to address the cause of this neurological condition. In some cases, Newport Beach patients can benefit from nasal surgery and sinus surgery procedures. Dr. Tavoussi can help Newport Beach patients decide which surgical procedure will provide them with the best results.


Why Are Surgical Procedures Recommended for Patients with Migraines?

Migraines are more than just severe headaches, and they can be caused by a variety of different factors. For some patients, their migraines are caused by structural issues in their nose and sinuses. For these patients, nasal surgery will address the cause of their migraines. Not only will their symptoms be minimized, but migraines will be prevented from occurring in the future. Surgery is often the best long-term solution for many patients who suffer from migraines.


Turbinate Reduction Migraine Treatment

For some patients, enlarged nasal turbinates are the reason they suffer from migraines. When a person’s turbinates are enlarged, they will often experience congestion and sinus pressure. Enlarged turbinates cause the nasal passageway to be blocked and can also interrupt breathing, which can trigger additional headaches. This procedure allows Dr. Tavoussi to open up the turbinates and reduce their size, instantly eliminating many of the symptoms the patient is suffering from. In addition to helping with migraines, this procedure improves breathing, sleep patterns and congestion.


Septoplasty Migraine Treatment

Other patients might find that a deviated septum is causing them to have migraines on a regular basis. A deviated septum is a structural issue in the nose and can only be fixed through the septoplasty procedure. As an ENT specialist, Dr. Tavoussi works to correct the deviation during the septoplasty procedure. After the procedure is complete, patients will find that their migraines disappear. In addition, they will likely be able to sleep better through the night and breathe better through the day.

Patients who are simply taking medications in order to minimize their migraine symptoms should know that there might be a better answer available for them. While these medications can help during a migraine, the fact of the matter is that there are solutions out there that prevent migraines from happening in the first place. These solutions are only possible when the migraine headache is initiated in the nose.

Migraine headaches initiated in the nose is the result of contact between deviated septum and/or turbinates with side wall of the nose. CT scan of the nose and sinuses after initial history and physical examinations, is necessary to complete this evaluation.To find out if you qualify for a nasal surgery in order to treat your migraines, be sure to set up a consultation appointment with Dr. Tavoussi, an expert ENT surgeon who services the Orange County region.