Newport Beach Nerve Decompression SurgeryNerve Decompression Surgery is one of the most popular permanent treatment options for migraine attacks. Many of the Orange County patients who suffer from migraines experience these debilitating attacks because of the fact that a nerve is injured or compressed in the head and face.

Dr. Mohsen Tavoussi is an ENT surgeon and facial plastic surgeon who specializes in providing Newport Beach patients with migraine relief. He has found that Nerve Decompression Surgery is a viable treatment option for many of his patients, who are sick of living with the fear of suffering through yet another migraine.


What is Nerve Decompression Surgery?

Nerve Decompression Surgery is one of the most common migraine treatment procedures for Newport Beach patients. During this operation, Dr. Tavoussi utilizes a microsurgical technique that allows him to identify compressed nerves or injured nerves on the scalp. Once these nerves have been identified, precise surgical approaches can be used in order to restore the nerve and improve the patient’s function. Dr. Tavoussi has found that more than 55 percent of patients who had this surgery no longer had migraines after it was complete. More than 80 percent of patients had significant improvement.


What Risks are Associated with This Procedure?

As with any surgery, there are certain risks that patients must be aware of. Anesthesia complications and infection are always a risk of surgery. In addition, this surgery requires patients to use pain medication for the first several days of their recovery. Some patients might experience adverse side effects associated with these medications.


What is the Recovery Like After this Surgery?

Each patient will experience a unique recovery process, based on the nerves that were causing their migraines and the types of attacks that they were having. Patients will find that the swelling is significant in the area where the nerves were treated, and this can last anywhere from 2 to 6 weeks. Most people will not notice the swelling, however, because it is located in the hairline. Dr. Tavoussi permits his patients to shower 2 days after the surgery is complete.

Chances are if you have suffered from a migraine before you understand how excruciatingly painful the attacks can be. They often leave you feeling incapacitated, forcing you to retreat and give up the things you love until the attack is over. Considering the fact that they can last anywhere from 4-72 hours, migraine attacks can take a significant toll on your quality of life. If you are done living with migraines and want to improve your life, take the time to set up a consultation appointment with Dr. Tavoussi today.