Huntington Beach Modern Migraine TreatmentsIn the past, physicians worked to treat migraines by prescribing patients medications that alleviated their symptoms. While this helped patients manage their symptoms better, Dr. Mohsen Tavoussi and other expert surgeons believe that the best way to treat migraines is to prevent them from occurring in the first place.

Dr. Tavoussi provides his Orange County patients who suffer from migraines with a variety of new and advanced treatment options that can help them prevent migraine attacks from starting in the future. These treatments are designed to improve the quality of life for Newport Beach patients.


What is Nerve Decompression Surgery?

Nerve Decompression Surgery is a precise medical procedure that should only be performed by a highly-skilled surgeon, such as Dr. Tavoussi. During this operation, the surgeon identifies which nerves are compressed and subsequently restores the damaged nerve. The specific nerves that are worked on will depend on the types of headaches the patient is having and where those headaches are located.


What is Botox®?

Botox® is a non-surgical procedure that was originally used for cosmetic purposes only. Botox® itself is a neurotoxin that is injected into a person’s face in order to interrupt the connection between nerves and muscles in the face. Cosmetically, this improves a person’s appearance by diminishing lines and wrinkles on the face. From a medical perspective, this unique procedure also can minimize the severity of a person’s headaches. Patients who have Botox® performed should understand that the effects of this procedure are temporary, and will likely only last for 3-4 months. At this time, the procedure can be repeated in order to maintain results.


How Does Dr. Tavoussi Decide Which Treatment Option is Best?

Dr. Tavoussi completes a series of diagnostic tests in order to determine the cause of the migraines or chronic headaches. Nerve blocks are used in order to determine which nerves are damaged, or which nerves might be causing the headaches to occur. Once Dr. Tavoussi has determined the cause of the issue, he can recommend a treatment option for the patient. His goal is to provide patients with significant relief from their headaches so that they can enjoy their lives to the fullest again.

Newport Beach patients who are suffering from migraines should know that they have options available to them. The days of dealing with migraine attacks that can last up to several days can be put behind them, and they can move forward with their lives. Dr. Tavoussi works to determine the cause of the migraine, and find out which option will work best for each individual patient. For more information on the new treatments available for migraines and severe headaches, set up a consultation appointment with Dr. Tavoussi today.