If you suffer from Mission Viejo migraine headaches, then you know just how painful they can be. Migraine headaches are among the most painful types of conditions on the planet, but there isn’t one sure cure for them. However, plenty of advances have been made in the medical field, so there are more and more new technologies available that have made it so that treating migraine headaches is perhaps better than it was in earlier times.

The first step to getting treated for Mission Viejo migraine headaches is to get diagnosed with them. Many people never get properly diagnosed with migraine headaches, so they might not even be aware that they suffer from them. However, if you experience any of the symptoms associated with migraine headaches, such as severe pounding or throbbing in the head, sensitivity to light and sound, nausea, vomiting, fever and more, then you might want to let a specialist like Dr. Tavoussi test you for migraine headaches at his Mission Viejo or Newport Beach office in Orange County.

Mission Viejo Migraine Evaluation & Treatment Options

After you’ve been evaluated by Dr. Tavoussi at his Mission Viejo or Newport Beach office in Orange County, he can help you determine the best treatment method for your migraine headaches. For instance, if you only suffer from migraine headaches every once in a while, then sticking with over-the-counter pain medications might be sufficient for you. If your migraine headaches occur more than occasionally, though, Dr. Tavoussi might decided to prescribe you with a more powerful type of pain reliever after you leave his Mission Viejo or Newport Beach office in Orange County. Still, if you suffer from migraine headaches quite frequently, then Dr. Tavoussi might recommend that you undergo one of a couple of newer treatment methods that are designed to help provide more long-term relief for people who suffer from migraine headaches on a regular basis.

After evaluating you, if Dr. Tavoussi believes that your Mission Viejo migraine headaches are primarily being causes by certain muscles or tissues, then he might recommend providing treatment via Botox injections. When Botox is injected into targeted areas, it essentially paralyzes those areas so that pain signals aren’t sent to the brain, thereby relieving your headaches. However, if after evaluating you at his Mission Viejo or Newport Beach office in Orange County, Dr. Tavoussi finds that your pain is the result of damaged or compressed nerves at the scalp, he might recommend nerve decompression surgery to fix the issue.