If you suffer from migraine headaches in Laguna Beach, then you’ve probably tried every type of over-the-counter medication available that is designed to treat the headaches. While you might experience some temporary relief with over-the-counter medications that boast they are designed for migraine headaches, that relief is usually short-lived and doesn’t provide you with a long-term solution to your problem. Fortunately, there are doctors out there like Dr. Tavoussi in Laguna Beach who help patients find a more permanent solution to their migraine headaches.

The Latest Laguna Beach Migraine Breakthroughs

While there isn’t one sure cure for migraine headaches, recent developments in the medical industry have made it so that some patients can experience a more permanent solution than ever before. Nerve decompression surgery is becoming one of the most popular treatments for migraine headaches, and Dr. Tavoussi frequently administers this surgery at his Newport Beach and Laguna Beach offices in Orange County.

The idea behind nerve decompression surgery is that certain nerves are compressed or otherwise injured, and these damaged nerves are part of what is causing you to suffer from migraine headaches. When you visit Dr. Tavoussi’s Newport Beach or Laguna Beach office in Orange County, he’ll conduct a series of tests to determine exactly which nerve is damaged and is sending the pain signals to your brain that are causing you to suffer from the extreme head pain that is associated with a migraine headache.

Dr. Tavoussi’s Experience Shines in Laguna Beach Migraine Relief

Once Dr. Tavoussi has identified the nerve that is causing the problem, he can then design an intricate and precise surgical process that he’ll carry out at his Newport Beach or Laguna Beach office in Orange County. The exact surgical procedure used for each patient varies from individual to individual since each person’s nerve compression or injury problem is different. That’s part of why Dr. Tavoussi will usually submit his patients to a series of specific tests at his Newport Beach and Laguna Beach offices in Orange County to determine exactly what needs to be done for each individual patient.

Once Dr. Tavoussi is ready to perform the nerve decompression surgery, he’ll have to administer a local anesthesia to the patient in order to ensure that he or she is asleep throughout the surgical procedure. The length of time that it takes him to conduct the surgery also varies from patient to patient, depending upon what all Dr. Tavoussi must do at his Newport Beach and Laguna Beach offices in Orange County to address their nerve issues.