Irvine Migraine Treatment | Orange County Headache Relief by Dr. TavoussiWhen you suffer from a migraine and headache symptoms in Irvine, then you might want to consider seeking treatment for those symptoms. Migraine headaches are among the worst types of conditions to suffer from since they are much more painful than a regular headache and usually come with a variety of other symptoms. In fact, migraine headaches are usually so debilitating that they make it so that you can’t function at all. Most people who suffer from a full-blown migraine and headache symptoms have to stay locked away in quiet, dark rooms while they sleep off the symptoms. Fortunately, there are a few treatment methods that have been proven effective in treating migraine and headache symptoms, and Dr. Tavoussi can administer such treatment methods at his Irvine office located in Orange County.

For some migraine and headache symptoms, Dr. Tavoussi might be able to prescribe patients with certain medications when they visit his Irvine office in Orange County to help them deal with the symptoms associated with their migraines. However, prescription medications don’t always work for some patients, in which case Dr. Tavoussi might begin to explore other, more modern treatment methods.

Irvine Migraine & Headache Treatment Options

One of the more modern treatment methods that Dr. Tavoussi employs at his Irvine office in Orange County is Botox. Although Botox injections are commonly associated with cosmetic improvements, they can also be used to treat a variety of conditions, one of which is migraine headaches. The way that Botox treats migraine headaches is by injecting certain muscles and tissues that are causing the tension and issues that are causing the migraines. The Botox essentially numbs the problem areas so that they don’t cause the pain that is being transmitted to your brain, temporarily relieving the pain associated with migraines. However, even some patients who get Botox injections at Dr. Tavoussi’s Irvine office in Orange County don’t experience much relieve, in which case Dr. Tavoussi can move on to another modern treatment method.

A next migraine and headache treatment method that Dr. Tavoussi uses at his Irvine office in Orange County when all other treatment methods fail is nerve decompression surgery. This is a very intricate type of surgery that requires Dr. Tavoussi first to pinpoint the specific nerves that are causing the pain signals to be sent to the brain before he develops a surgical procedure that is designed to specifically target and repair those nerves. Nerve decompression surgery has become one of the most popular treatments for migraine headaches due to its high success rate.