Fountain Valley Migraine Treatment Options | Orange County HeadachesTraditionally, people who suffered from Fountain Valley migraine headaches had to resort to getting prescription medication or simply taking a variety of over-the-counter medications to help them deal with their pain and all the other symptoms that migraine headaches bring. As anyone who’s ever had a migraine headache knows, migraine headaches are notorious for coming with numerous other symptoms in addition to the severe pounding, throbbing, and pain that people oftentimes feel in their heads when a migraine headache comes on. Some of the most common additional symptoms that people might also feel include sensitivity to light and sound, vomiting, nausea in general, the inability to function, fever, sweats, chills and more. Fortunately, if you see a migraine headache specialist like Dr. Tavoussi, he can help you seek migraine treatment at his Fountain Valley or Newport Beach office in Orange County.

Fountain Valley Migraine Treatment Options

Dr. Tavoussi offers a couple of different migraine treatment options at his Fountain Valley and Newport Beach offices in Orange County. One of the migraine treatment methods that is quickly becoming one of the most popular ones is nerve decompression surgery. In this migraine treatment procedure, Dr. Tavoussi pinpoints exactly which nerves are causing the migraine headaches. Oftentimes, people who are candidates for this surgery are those who either have compressed nerves right under their scalps or those who have nerves under their scalps that have become damaged. Because each individual’s case is different, Dr. Tavoussi will examine each patient at his Fountain Valley or Newport Beach office in Orange County and then develop a precise surgical plan to fix the patient’s nerve issues. By restoring the damaged nerves, Dr. Tavoussi can help alleviate the number of migraine headaches that patients suffer from due to this issue.

The other migraine treatment method that many patients who visit Dr. Tavoussi at his Fountain Valley or Newport Beach office in Orange County choose to undergo is Botox injections. The good thing about Botox injections is that they are non-surgical, so you don’t have to undergo any sort of anesthesia beforehand like you do with nerve decompression surgery. This type of migraine treatment method consists of injecting the Botox neurotoxin into the muscles or tissues of the face that are causing the migraine headaches. The Botox paralyzes those muscles or tissues so that they aren’t able to send the pain signals to the brain that cause the severe headaches associated with migraine headaches. The effects of Fountain Valley Botox injections in treating migraines doesn’t last forever, though, so additional treatments might be necessary to keep the pain alleviated.