Anaheim Migraine & Headache Treatment | Orange County Dr. TavoussiIf you suffer from Anaheim migraines, then you already know how painful they can be and are likely desperate to find relief from the many symptoms associated with these extreme types of headaches. Although there is no one cure for migraine headaches, recent innovations in the medical industry have made it so that people who suffer from them might be able to receive some temporary relief from them under the care of a skilled surgeon like Dr. Tavoussi. Dr. Tavoussi helps patients all over Anaheim seek relief from their migraine headaches through the various innovative practices that he employs.

Traditional Treatment Methods

When you first visit Dr. Tavoussi in Anaheim for migraine headache treatment, you can expect him to employ traditional treatment methods first to see if they help alleviate any of your pain. Some traditional treatment methods work for some patients, whereas they don’t provide any relief for others. Traditional treatment methods usually consist of prescribing some prescription drugs to the patient to treat the symptoms that he or she is suffering from. Oftentimes, many of the Anaheim patients who visit Dr. Tavoussi for migraine headache treatment are looking for newer, more modern treatment methods, though.

Modern Treatment Methods

The modern treatment methods that Dr. Tavoussi employs on his Anaheim patients have proven much more effective than the traditional treatment methods that have been around for decades. Some of the more advanced treatment options that Dr. Tavoussi uses include Botox treatments and nerve decompression surgery. Determining which type of modern treatment method is best for you usually depends upon the results of a series of diagnostic tests that Dr. Tavoussi will perform during your initial visit. The diagnostic testing allows him to pinpoint just what the cause of your migraine headache is. Only then can Dr. Tavoussi know how he needs to go about getting you relief for your migraine.

Botox and Nerve Decompression Surgery

Botox treatments are usually reserved for those patients whose migraines are being caused by certain muscles or tissues. The way that Botox treatments work is by injecting the Botox toxin into the specified tissues or muscles. In doing so, those problem areas are numbed, which means that the patient doesn’t feel the pain associated with them. If, after Dr. Tavoussi administers Botox injections to his Anaheim patients, they don’t experience relief, then he moves on to nerve decompression surgery, which is an intricate surgery that identifies the damaged nerves and then seeks to restore them.