Newport Beach Nerve Decompression Surgery

Nerve Decompression Surgery

Nerve Decompression Surgery is one of the most popular permanent treatment options for migraine attacks.

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Newport Beach Botox Treatment


Botox® can actually reduce the severity of their headaches and can substitute as a migraine treatment option.

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Orange County Septoplasty for Migraine


A septoplasty can be performed by Dr. Tavoussi in order to address the structural deformity and eliminate the migraines.

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Orange County Turbinate Reduction Surgery for Migraines

Turbinate Reduction

Dr. Mohsen Tavoussi has found that some patients suffer from migraines because they have enlarged nasal turbinates.

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Facts and Figures

Orange County Migraines

This is a debilitating disease that affects more than 36 million people in the United States, making it one of the most common diseases not only in Orange County but also across the entire country.

  • 10% of Population Suffer from Migraines

  • 6% of Men Suffer from Migraines

  • 18% of Women Suffer from Migraines

  • 10% of School Children Suffer from Migraines

  • Top 20 Most Disabling Medical Illness

  • During Migraine,  90% are unable to function or work

  • Peak Migraine Years, Ages 25-55

  • Migraines last anywhere from 0-3 Days