What is a Migraine?
What Causes Migraines?
What are the Signs and Symptoms of Migraines?
What Traditional Treatments Are Offered for Migraines?
How Has Modern Medicine Improved Migraine Treatment Plans?
What is Migraine Surgery?
Where Does Dr. Tavoussi Perform Migraine Surgical Procedures?
What Type of Anesthesia is Required for This Surgery?
What Diagnostic Testing is Performed Prior to the Operation?
What Does the Recovery Process Involve?
What Type of Postoperative Care is Required?
Am I a Good Candidate for Migraine Surgery?
How Should I Prepare for the Surgery?
When Will I See Improvement After the Operation?
What Risks Are Associated with Migraine Surgical Procedures?
Where are the Incisions Located?
What is the Success Rate of the Migraine Surgical Procedures?
Are Migraine Surgical Procedures Covered By Most Insurance Plans?
What Are My Options if My Condition Does Not Improve?
Will I Still Take Migraine Medications After the Operation?
How Can Botox Be Used To Improve Migraines?
What is the Septoplasty Procedure?
What is the Turbinate Reduction Procedure?